What is a Fibroscan and how can it help me?

If your doctor feels like you might have any form of liver disease there are a number of tests that can be used to see what’s happening in your body.

A blood test is often the first step and is used to look at liver enzymes. An ultrasound can show the shape of the liver and  a CT scan can show any problems.

A  biopsy, is used to diagnose a condition or severity where there are problems, but is not always required now.–

A Fibroscan is a recommended painless test, which tells us if there is any stiffness in the liver or excess fat. This will be done before you have a liver biopsy usually.

What is a Fibroscan?

It uses ultrasound and sound waves to look for stiffening and fat content in the liver. It’s painless and quick for most people and you only need to fast for 3 hours before but can drink water.

How does a Fibroscan work?

Stiffness in the liver can be a sign of Fibrosis which is the name given to the scarring that happens when there is a problem with the liver.

It is now also a good way of assessing the fat content of the liver. A Fibroscan measures the speed of sound waves as they move through the liver. The signals will move at a different speed through a healthy liver than one that may have a lot of scarring or inflammation.

Fibroscan is a new technology that is designed to make it easier and quick to see whether you have a problem with the liver which can be investigated and changed. It is painless, and usually quick

Knowing your liver health gives you the opportunity to alter it and change your future health, preventing some type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and many other related conditions. Start measuring your internal health by booking a Fibroscan at one of our clinics.