Top 10 healthy liver tips to help you everyday

Your liver is the second biggest organ in your body. It is a very important part of how your body works, which is why it’s good to make sure that it’s healthy. Here are things you can do every day to keep your liver healthy.

  1. Stay fit and healthy. Doing exercise every day means there is less stress on your liver. It also helps you to stay active and avoid obesity (which puts you at greater risk of liver problems).
  2. Eat more fibre. Fatty foods can be a common reason why people get fatty liver, so it makes sense to limit how much fatty food you eat. Fibre – you will get from food like fruit and vegetables – is far better for you.
  3. Keep an eye on your weight. Being overweight will put you at risk of liver problems. It can also make a lot of other things in life harder, from moving around to increasing the risk of other illnesses. Eat a healthy diet and do plenty of exercise to make sure you’re not eating more calories than you need.
  4. But avoid weight loss pills and solutions. Many of those that you can buy over the counter contain ingredients that are toxic to the liver, for example kava.
  5. Stop smoking. Links have been found between liver cancer and smoking. So, if you stop smoking then this will help to reduce the risks to your liver healthier.
  6. Get checked and vaccinated for hepatitis. Hepatitis A and B are both viral liver infections. You can protect your liver by getting vaccinations to protect you. There is also a lot you can do to avoid catching hepatitis, for example safe sex and not eating contaminated seafood.
  7. There is no vaccination for Hepatitis C. You can protect yourself by not getting tattoos in unlicensed parlors, sharing straws for cocaine, needles or razor blades and being safe when it comes to sex.
  8. Check what’s in your remedies and medicine. Some herbal remedies or alternative medicine can place a lot of stress on your liver so it’s important to make sure you know what you’re taking.
  9. Be extra careful if you are diabetic, have high cholesterol or hypertension. All of these can be signs that you have or are at increase the risk of fatty liver disease.
  10. Don’t drink too much alcohol. Your liver can break down only a small amount of alcohol each hour. That’s why it’s important not to drink too much. One standard drink a day is a small glass of wine, a beer or a single shot of spirits. The daily limit for women is one of these and for men it’s two.

These are some simple things you can do every day to help make sure your liver is healthy. The MyLife365.Me app is designed to help you take care of your internal health by simply logging what you eat, drink and your exercise…