These Incredible Foods Will Fuel Your Next Workout

The adage “food is fuel” isn’t merely a catchphrase; it encapsulates the essence of our body’s fundamental relationship with nutrition. As the urban professional environment demands more of us, understanding how to power our workouts becomes increasingly crucial.

Every action we take, from complex tasks like problem-solving to basic functions like breathing, demands energy. Hence, undereating not only jeopardizes our performance but can also hamper our body’s vital processes. So, what exactly should we be eating to ensure optimal energy levels, especially before a workout? Let’s dive in.

How Our Body Converts Food to Energy

Different foods undergo varied digestion processes:


These are our body’s go-to energy source. Rapidly broken down into glucose, they’re swiftly ushered into our bloodstream, where they’re either converted to energy or stored as glycogen in the liver and muscles.


Digested slightly slower than carbohydrates, proteins disintegrate into amino acid chains. These amino acids are primarily used to rebuild and repair tissues. Only when there’s a surplus does our body convert them into energy.


Taking the longest to digest, fats break down into fatty acids. While they can’t turn into glucose, they either store in fat cells or directly convert to energy when glucose is scarce.

The Quest for More Energy

Although fats offer 9 calories per gram compared to the 4 from carbohydrates and proteins, carbs remain the top pick for immediate energy, thanks to their swift digestion time in the body.

For sustained energy, avoid quick fixes like sugary snacks, which might provide a fleeting boost but will likely lead to a crash. Instead, opt for meals rich in complex carbs, proteins, and fats. Such combinations slow down glucose release, offering a steady energy supply without sudden spikes in blood sugar.

Powering Your Workouts with the Right Foods

Timing and composition of your meals play a pivotal role in ensuring you’re energized for your workouts:

4+ hours before the workout

A balanced meal, dominated by complex carbs and proteins, is ideal. Some options include:

  • Chicken paired with sweet potato and vegetables
  • Lean mince burgers accompanied by home-cooked chips and salad
  • Whole wheat pasta topped with turkey mince Bolognese


2-3 hours prior

Prioritize complex carbs, complemented with a smidgeon of protein. Examples are:

  • Beans or egg on toast
  • Greek yogurt coupled with fruit
  • Porridge sprinkled with fruits

1-2 hours ahead

Since the workout is closing in, stick to simple carbs:

  • Fruits like bananas or apples
  • Toast smeared with honey
  • A bowl of cereal with low-fat milk

0-1 hours before

Ideally, refrain from eating just before a workout. But if you must, go for:

  • High sugar fruits, such as grapes
  • Toast with a dollop of honey
  • Coconut water for hydration and quick energy

During the workout

If engaged in long, strenuous activities, it might be beneficial to replenish energy levels mid- and post-work out with:

  • Sports gels or sport water
  • Occasional sweets to replenish carbohydrate stores

In the end, the key is to listen to your body and do the research. Understand your needs, adjust your diet accordingly, and fuel your workouts effectively.

Get Ready to Energize Your Routine!

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