How to know if you’re eating too much sugar

Sugar is everywhere in our diets today, which is why it is easy to eat too much of it. You not only have to think about the sugar that you are aware of but also hidden sugar. One study found that 74% of grocery store items have added sugar in – and not always the items you would expect. It can be difficult to understand if you’re getting the sugar balance right so here are some signs that you might be eating too much.

  • You are having sugar cravings. Sugar works on your brain so that if you eat sugar you tend to want more of it because feel good chemicals are released when you eat sugar. This can create a cycle where you can’t stop eating sugar because you are always craving it.
  • You are often tired. Many of us use sugar to help us get through low energy moments. But this can make your blood sugar spike and leave you feeling even more tired afterwards. We think sugar gives us energy but it actually makes us less alert and more tired.
  • Your weight is going up. There could be lots of different reasons for putting on weight – eating too much sugar is one of them. Especially if you are in a cycle of sugar cravings you might simply be eating more calories than you need and putting on weight as a result.
  • Brain fog is something that you have a lot. Because sugar has such a negative effect on the body it can cause you to feel hazy and foggy. We often don’t realise that the reason we don’t feel very focused or are struggling to pay attention is because we have started eating too much sugar. An easy way to test this is to cut out sugar for a time and see how you feel.
  • You are often in a bad mood. There is also now evidence to suggest that eating too much sugar can make your mood low. A link has been found between gut health and mood disorders and too much sugar means that your gut is not likely to be in good condition.
  • You are noticing problems with your teeth. Cavities are a clear sign that you are eating too much sugar because this makes tooth decay more likely. Problems with your teeth are often the result of hidden sugar, like the high sugar in orange juice, for example.
  • Your skin doesn’t look great. Again, skin problems can have many causes. But there have been studies that have found a link between acne and a high sugar diet.
  • You find it difficult to sleep. If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, or struggle to get to sleep, this could be because of too much sugar. Not getting enough sleep can also make you hungrier the next day and more likely to reach for sugar again.

If you want to know whether you are eating too much sugar, these are some of the signs.  Why not track your eating habits on the MyLife365.Me App, our easy to use app is designed to help you take care of your internal health by simple logging what you eat, drink and exercise. So you can enjoy your easter treats, keep track and not feel bad for it.