How To Ditch Stress And Boost Your Mental Health

Stress can be a challenging feeling – but we know now that it affects us more than just in the moment. It can also produce a range of physical symptoms and have a really negative impact on our mental health. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to manage the pressures in your life (and the way you react to them), so that you’re able to ditch stress – once you’re able to do that these are just some of the ways that it will boost your mental health.

  • Being able to better regulate your emotions. Even mild stress can make it difficult for us to control our fear and anxiety. Multiple studies have found that the more stressed we are, the more difficult we find it to control our emotions. Which is why learning techniques to soothe stress can be incredibly important, from breathwork to journaling.
  • Less vulnerability to disease. Stress has an incredibly negative impact on the body and these physical repercussions can lead to vulnerability to diseases, from cancer and lung disease to cirrhosis of the liver. Stressed people are also more likely to be vulnerable to accidents or suicide. If you’re currently finding stress overwhelming then resources like therapy and counseling can really help.
  • Avoid damage to the heart. When we feel stressed this puts a lot of pressure on the heart, as stress hormones spike heart rate and constrict the blood vessels. When this happens, the heart has to work extra hard just to function and it can send your blood pressure sky high. This significantly increases the likelihood of a heart attack or sudden death, which is why it’s so important to learn how to manage stress. Many people today opt for cold water therapy, such as a 2 minute cold shower each day, to help the body deal better with stress and put less pressure on the heart.
  • Reducing the likelihood of premature aging. Prolonged periods of high stress can make us look as old as we feel. Researchers at the University of California established that one of the impacts of stress is that it shortens the structures on the end of chromosomes (telomeres) – the results of this is that our bodies aren’t able to produce new cells as quickly, and aging, such as wrinkles, weak muscles and poor eyesight accelerates. One of the simplest ways to help reduce stress is to move your body, whether that’s a 30 minute walk or a dance class.
  • A compromised immune system. Your immune system is your first line of defence against everything, from the common cold to a complex virus. When you’re stressed your immune system comes under serious pressure. That’s why we often get a cold at the most stressful moments – and are more susceptible to illness during stressful times. Experts recommend social contact as a simple way to relieve stress – spend time with people you love to feel better about yourself and less stressed overall.

Reducing the impact of stress in your life can help you to avoid everything, from heart attacks to aging. Download the MyLife365.Me app for more effective ways of stress management.