7 Diet Tips for Fatty Liver Disease

Fatty liver disease affects one in three adults. It’s not pleasant and has some big health risks. If you want to avoid fatty liver disease then what you eat is going to be really important. A Mediterranean diet is one of the best ways to eat to avoid fatty liver disease. It’s also a good diet to switch to if you already have fatty liver disease. Research has found that this diet helps to improve how your body handles insulin, reduces liver fat and also liver damage. Here are the most important diet tips for fatty liver disease.

Eat more vegetables

If you follow a Mediterranean diet then you will eat 400g of vegetables a day. Eating more vegetables is a great way to be healthier overall and will also help with fatty liver disease. There are so many different types of vegetables to choose from too. You could eat more spinach, broccoli, onions or tomatoes, for example.

Eat more fruit

There are three servings of fruit a day on the Mediterranean diet. That could be an orange or a glass of 100% orange juice, for example. Fruit is tasty and delicious and, again, there are lots of different types of fruit to choose from.

Coffee and green tea help too

We now know that coffee and green tea can actually help to slow down fatty liver disease. They should be drunk with no milk – or only a little – and 2-4 cups per day.

Use olive oil

Although olive oil is a fat it’s actually good for you. And, if you are following a Mediterranean diet, olive oil is going to be an important part of this. Aim to have 4 tablespoons of olive oil a day if you are following this diet. You can use it in cooking or dressings for salads. Just remember that the total amount of olive oil you have should be 4 tablespoons a day, no more.

Eat more legumes

If you don’t know what legumes are then some easy examples are lentils and chickpeas. This group of foods involves most beans and also tofu. With a Mediterranean diet you will be eating 450g of legumes a week. That is the same size as a can of chickpeas. Legumes are really good for you and many also have a lot of protein in. They can be used to make some really tasty dishes as part of a diet that is better for fatty liver disease.

Choose fish for your diet

Because fish and seafood contain omega-3 they are great for liver health. You need to eat about 75g a day of salmon, trout, sardines, tuna etc.

Nuts are good for you

Try to eat around 90g of nuts a week if you are trying to follow a diet that is good for fatty liver disease. Nuts also have a lot of nutrients in and are tasty too.

These diet tips can help if you are looking to avoid fatty liver disease or reduce its impact in your life. Download the MyLife365.Me app today to book your Fibroscan, the window to your liver health.