3 Natural Sweeteners To Transform Your Diet

Multiple studies have established how too much sugar in your diet can have a really negative impact. And yet we all like a bit of sweetness. Natural sweeteners can provide a great alternative to refined sugar. They may have health benefits over regular sugar, including helping to lower your blood pressure and better regulate your blood sugar. So, what are the options where natural sweeteners are concerned?

What are natural sweeteners?

They are essentially forms of sweetener that have a more natural origin and which haven’t been processed in the way that refined sugar has. They tend to be low in calories, low in fructose and deliver a big burst of sweetness. Sweeteners that are found in nature can actually be really healthy, and they aren’t that difficult to get either. Here are three natural sweeteners that you can use to transform your diet.

Monk fruit sweetener

You may or may not have heard of monk fruit – it’s a fruit that is native to Southeast Asia and is the basis for a sweetener called monk fruit extract. Research has found that it can have a positive role to play in managing blood sugar and also contains antioxidant compounds. It’s a natural sweetener that is increasingly widely used, as it not only brings sweetness to food without any carbs or calories but also has some interesting health benefits.


You have probably seen Stevia in the supermarket or in marketing ads, as it’s a very popular natural sweetener option. It comes from a South American plant called Stevia rebaudiana, which has been grown both for its sweetness and the medicinal properties that it has. Stevia is very sweet – hundreds of times sweeter than sugar, gram for gram – but it doesn’t have any calories, making it a great alternative to sugar. Not only that, but research has found that Stevia may also have some very attractive health properties. These include helping to lower blood pressure in anyone who suffers from hypertension. Plus, if you suffer from diabetes, it can help to maintain blood sugar levels. One caveat with Stevia is that it can negatively affect the gut microbiome, so it’s important to get more information if this is an area of vulnerability for you.


This type of sugar alcohol delivers lots of sweetness and is similar to sugar – but a lot more healthy. It has a number of benefits that can transform not just your diet but your overall health. For example, Xylitol can help to reduce the risk of dental decay and cavities. Some studies have found that it can even help to improve bone density. Then, there is also the positive impact that it can have when it comes to supporting the gut microbiome. It can also be consumed without any risk of raising blood sugar or insulin levels.

If you’re looking to replace sugar in your diet, these natural sweeteners can be a great way to do it – and get some transformative health benefits to boot.