3 Little Habits To Revolutionise Your Health

We are all trying to be healthier, happier and generally find ways to boost wellbeing all of the time. When you’re trying to balance the demands of life, family, career etc it can feel really difficult to get this right. Which is why it’s so useful to be able to make small changes. These little habits don’t require much effort or energy but they really can revolutionise your health.

Review how you eat – and how this fuels you

Food makes a big difference to health but it’s all too easy to dismiss just how important this really is. If you are existing on a diet that is heavy in sugar and refined carbohydrates, then life can constantly feel constantly harder because you have little energy. A few small shifts in the way that you eat – and what you eat – can make all the difference. So, try filling up half your plate with non-starchy vegetables as one simple habit change to get you on the road to better health. Opt for a range of brightly coloured veggies and eat plenty of them raw. You might also want to change the carbohydrates you eat – swap refined carbs (such as white bread) for unprocessed carbs like brown rice and whole wheat flour. The result should be more energy and a boost to wellbeing thanks to increased nutrients, fibre and minerals.

Add Omega-3 into your diet

Very few people living in the Western world eat enough Omega-3 today and this often shows through in our health. This is an essential type of fat that can only come from what we eat. There are so many benefits to adding more Omega-3 into your diet, including that it promotes brain and heart health and reduces inflammation throughout the body. Omega-3 supplements have been found to be a useful treatment for depression in some studies. If you’re able to add more Omega-3 into your diet, then you’ll also be taking steps to prevent chronic conditions – that’s because Omega-3 has been found to help protect against some of the biggest ones. In fact, studies are showing that people who eat more Omega-3 tend to have better mental health, less inflammation and a lower risk of heart disease.
Diets that do not include fish or eggs will be low in the crucial Omega-3 long chain fatty acids DHA and EPA. Alpha-Linolenic acid is a Omega-3 fatty acid found in plant foods which can get converted to EPA and DHA in our bodies, however the process is not very efficient. Sources of Alpha-Linolenic acid include flaxseeds, chia seeds, walnuts and soy. For those on a vegan diet, it is also possible to supplement a vegan diet with EPA and DHA from algae.

Move more

Many of us consider exercise to be a chore and something that has to be ticked off the daily To Do list. However, activity in general has an incredible range of benefits and is something that can make a big difference to how you feel every day, as well as to long-term health and weight goals. Small habit changes make a big difference here, such as taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking to work instead of taking public transport or moving during your breaks instead of sitting still. One study found that walking for 30 minutes during a lunch break improved enthusiasm and relaxation at work, as well as reducing anxiety.

If you want to revolutionise your health then this isn’t always in the big changes. Often, it’s the little habits that make all the difference.