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To help you take care of your internal Health. Use the free MyLife365.Me app to keep a simple log of what you eat, drink and your exercise. Your log provides a trend of how healthy you think you are.

A scan will give you an actual score of the health of your liver to actually measure how your lifestyle is affecting your internal health. Small changes in lifestyle can result in a dramatic improvement in the health of your liver. For the first time you can have access to a Fibroscan without having a doctor’s referral.

Did you know your LIVER is the ONLY part of you that is so important for you to live; it – REGENERATES Your LIVER is on the right side of your tummy under your lung and protected by your ribs. Your LIVER weighs about 1.5 – 2 Kg, is about the size of a 2-litre milk carton and has about 20% of your blood supply in now.

Your LIVER sends signals to most other organs and receives signals from them in order for your body to function. Your LIVER has over 500 known chemical functions it does all of the time and many are related to what you EAT, DRINK and how much exercise or movement we do every day.

If the signals your LIVER receives are wrong like, it does not function well and sends wrong signals to other parts which do not work so well either. Your LIVER fights Infections Your LIVER makes your blood clot Your LIVER processes everything you EAT or DRINK YOUR LIVER purifies and cleans your blood It can take many years of wrong signals being received and sent before you may develop other illnesses. By looking and monitoring your LIVER health with FIBROSCAN it can detect if the LIVER is a little too stiff or has too much fat in.

Eating a balanced and portioned diet low in FAT, low in SUGAR and high in vegetables, fruit and nuts with regular exercise/movement daily and this is what our LIVER was designed for. Today we have ready access to highly processed foods, high sugar/fructose drinks which the body and LIVER is unable to process it as it should. Regular alcohol or too much can damage the LIVER Use the eat well guide to help you rate your daily DIET and DRINK.

A Fibroscan of the LIVER tells you 2 things: Is MY LIVER soft? The LIVER should always be soft – stiffness in your liver is ALWAYS a reason for your doctor to check its health. This can be minor or something to investigate. Does MY LIVER have any FAT? If your liver has too much fat in it then this may mean that it may not be functioning properly. 25% of the adults in the world have too much fat in their LIVERS. This means that you have a risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and other conditions that are related.

Knowing about a risk gives you an opportunity to reduce your risks or avoid poor health in the future and live a healthier, longer life. Because you can and now begin to change it and monitor the difference a little change makes.

Fibroscan taps on your right side and sends harmless sound waves into the liver to wobble it like a jelly. Ultrasound looks at and assesses the fat content. The scan is not painful and is safe for children, pregnant women and people with pacemakers.